About us

Established in 1996 stable Break of Dawn is ran by Akko Tiemes and Anneke Vijver.
Anneke started to ride horses from the age of six. The horse virus seemed to be in the family for a long time. Her grandfather also owned a shetlandpony. This pony was used as a working pony, collecting old clothes and potato peels. For the anual fair the pony was also used  for children rides. The photo was taken in 1953, it shows Anneke's grandfather and her father sitting behind him. On the other photo Anneke is feeding the pony as a four year old girl.

Anneke's pake (opa) daarnaast haar vader.  Anneke op haar 6e al gek op paarden

Akko did not have any experience with horses till he met Anneke, he loves riding motorbikes with a lot of horsepower! But Akko was the one who bought our first pedigree shetland pony. His name was Iwan van de Elzenhof.

Akko met Iwan


Breeding with a goal

We breed ponies in the midi and large size. ( 36.6 inch untill 42.1 inch) Who comply with the breed standard. Offcourse we have our own wishes in what we like to see in a shetlandpony. We like high headcarrige, lots of hair, alert ears and eyes on a small elegant head. The movement should be long, correct and active. We believe that a pony with these qualities, makes the best first impression in the showring.

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İAkko en Anneke