Akko met Iwan

First pony.

His name was Iwan van de Elzenhof, a pedigree miniature stallion. We had to registrate him in our name and automaticaly became members of the Dutch breeding society, the N.S.P.S. As a member we received the monthly magazine. Through this magazine and all the info containing it, we became more interested in the shetlandpony and it's history.

First mare.

When we had the opportunity to use a field of a farmer, we bought our first mare. Her name was Helloween van de Kreeksteeg. She is a daughter of Cendy van de Veldhoeve and Zorro van Dorpzicht. She was three years old, black and 38 inches high.




First show.

Because we had no idea how to prepare a pony for a show, the previous owner/breeder offered to do this. To our surprise she won her class with a second premium. Later that day all the class winners competed for the best pony in that size, and she won this too! She was midi champion 1996! Two years later she became midi champion again but now with a first premium.

For Explanation of the Dutch show system Klick here.


First foal.

When we bought Helloween she was in foal to Harley van Geldersoord. On the 18th of may 1997 the first foal was born who would carry our own stable name. It was a filly foal by the name of Maroussia van stal Break of Dawn. For a long time she was our most succesfull pony. As a one year old she was the best young pony of our provence. In 2002 she was reserve best midi champion with a second premium and in 2004 she became midi champion with a first premium. Like mother, like daughter!

Now this first filly foal is a mother too. Her daughter Tinkerbell van stal Break of Dawn (father Kees van Reijensbroeck) was reserve best young pony. Already as a three year old mare she received a first premium. In 2008 she also was midi champion of our provence

In 2001 we bought our first breeding stallion "Kees van Reijensbroeck" His mother is Beauty of Transy, she was multi champion of the Netherlands. His father Willem van de Schaapshoeve was a champion in the large size 1996. On our stallion show in januari Kees was always rewarded with a first premium. He succesfully showed his offspring and now he has a breeding license for life.


İAkko en Anneke